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You should have seen the look on Ensen’s face…and all the kids for that matter…as we walked into the Aina Haina Public Library this past Saturday. The awe was straight out of a MasterCard commercial…PRICELESS! It was free comic book day and Kelly made it a point to call some of the participating libraries to find out one important bit of information. Which Star Wars characters are going to be at your location?

After phoning the Aiea Library and a couple others in search of Darth Vader (the one Ensen really wanted to see) with no luck, Kelly’s co-worker joked that he would probably be visiting a more upscale neighborhood on the island. She was right and we ended up spending about an hour at the Aina Haina library in awe of Lord Vader himself and two other Jedis…Pak El (in red below) and Ha’vok Tereus (in white below). If you haven’t seen these guys from Rebel Legion Hawaii and Oahu FanForce, make it a point to do so. The costumes are incredible and they donate their time to share their love of Star Wars with the kids. Awesome!

Ensen insisted on bringing his Darth Vader mask which turned out to be a great idea. He was able to do battle with Lord Vader for quite some time and loved every minute of it.

And for “dressing up” and his enthusiasm, Ensen was even interviewed by a guy from Oahu FanForce on his experience that day. Stay tuned for the video soon.

All in all, a very fun day for Ensen, Kelly, Kona Grandma, and myself. What about Avery you ask? Well, she slept through the entire thing. Girls I tell you.



This Darth Vader action figure case contains a number of Starwars action figures, but not nearly enough to call it a real collection.

This is the final installment of my Toys, Toys, Toys blog posts until I find my way back to the Big Island. I’m warning you that this one is pretty random. Along with all the cool Transformers and Garbage Pail Kids stuff I found, I also came across some of my limited Starwars collection, Masters of the Universe stuff, some old Powell Peralta skateboard decks, and stuffed animals I completely forgot about. So I’ll let the pictures with captions do the explaining from here.

Darth Vader and C3PO action figures. Make that, worn out action figures.

I didn’t have a chance to tear into these boxes, but I can tell you what you see on the outside of the box is exactly what’s inside the box…and more. Ewok Village was classic and Castle Grayskull from Masters of the Universe was the only cool place He Man could hang out with his pals. 😉 I’m definitely opening these boxes up next time.

Yes, I was a skater punk in high school and had loved Powell Peralta decks, Independent Trucks, Bones Bearings, and Slimeball Wheels. Remember Grip Tape? I actually still have some of that stuff in a drawer…brand new. For some reason, I kept these old Steve Caballero and Mike McGill decks. Classics.

And I’m not sure where this Sam I Am came from, but the stuffed animal on the right is Barney (who I personally named long before that weird purple version came along). I won him in a magazine drive contest in elementary school. Glad to see he’s still doing well and hasn’t aged a bit.

Can’t wait to get back home to dig through some of my drawers. I saw some old Nintendo handheld games, pogs, and a bunch of sports cards as I took a quick peek.