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Our third and final day on Maui started off with a bit of Easter fun. We couldn’t possibly pass up the opportunity to color some eggs with Ensen. He seemed to enjoy watching Kelly and me dunk eggs in the colored water and even tried it himself. After some Easter Sunday fun, it was off to the Maui Ocean Center for our big day out before heading back to Honolulu later in the evening. As they saying goes, “Maui no ka oi” or Maui is the best. After a great weekend there, I can see why many residents and visitors feel that way! Here’s some photos/videos of our final day on the Valley Isle.


First order of business on Easter Sunday was to color eggs with Ensen. It’s been some time since Kelly and I have done this, so it was good to be sharing the experience with our little guy. I think Kelly made the best egg…the rasta looking one with a face on it. Cool!


After coloring eggs, the Kam family and Maui Grandma headed off to the Maui Ocean Center in Maalaea to end our trip with a bang! I’ve been here a couple times before Ensen was born and couldn’t wait to come back with him and Kelly. What a great family activity and one that I highly recommend for locals and visitors.


Here we are inside one of the main exhibits looking at tropical reef fish only found in Hawaii. And that’s an important thing to point out. This is an all Hawaiian marine life aquarium which makes it unique from any other ocean park you’ll visit in the state and the world.


Another great attraction is the touch pond where you can get up close and personal with starfish, sea cucumbers, and sea urchins. While Ensen is still a bit too young to handle these creatures, Kelly wasted no time getting her hands wet. Then it was off to the turtle pool to check out these beautiful animals gracefully move through the water. And finally, it was time to check out my favorite part of the park, the Sea Jelly Gallery and The Open Ocean exhibits. Just check out the video and photo from both of these spaces below.


This was a great way to end our family vacation on Maui and I can’t wait to get back there again soon. Next time, we’ll have to explore West Maui with Ensen and possibly venture more into Upcountry and Hana. If you’ve been to Maui and have a story to share, we’d love to hear from you.



Kelly and Ensen in the yard at Maui Grandma’s house.

Our second day on Maui was much more relaxing. We spent most of the day lounging around the house and took a quick drive through Makawao and Paia before heading to town to pick up a few things for dinner later that night at Maui Grandma’s place. This is what vacation is all about. No worries about work or driving in traffic on the freeway in Honolulu. Just pure relaxation to recharge our “batteries.” Here’s a quick recap of Day 2.


Ensen was his usual chipper self waking up early to enjoy another day in paradise. He wasted no time waking Kelly and me up and peeking outside the bedroom window to catch a glimpse of the island from the slopes of Haleakala.


Later that evening, the family gathered at Maui Grandma’s house for dinner. That’s Aunty Vicky and Uncle Herbert above with Ensen. Kelly and her mom worked all day in the kitchen to get things ready. Uncle Frank fired up the BBQ and grilled some steaks, smoked meat (YUM!), and teri beef. Uncle Joe and Aunty Avis brought ono salads, sashimi, and kim chee crab. Napili Grandma came over too, as did Kelly’s cousin Tyler, who happened to be on Maui over the weekend.


As for me, I didn’t do much on Saturday (I know…shame yeah?) but keep Ensen entertained and enjoyed a few Maui Brewing Company beers that evening. I was hesitant to buy this stuff…$12.99 for a six pack…but I have to say the beer was really good. So good that I would definitely buy it again. My favorite was the Coconut Porter, a dark “Guiness-like” beer with hints of toasted coconut, which was surprisingly delicious. The Bikini Blonde Lager and Big Swell IPA were also very good. Is it happy hour yet?

After dinner, Ensen provided much of the entertainment for the rest of the evening. It was another great day on Maui. With Easter and a visit to the Maui Ocean Center coming up the final day, it was a much needed break before heading back to Oahu.

The final installment of our Maui vacation coming will be posted soon.



The Kam family flew to Maui on Friday morning to spend time with Maui Grandma (Kelly’s mom) and to give Ensen a taste of the Valley Isle. It was nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of Honolulu and spend some time relaxing on Maui over the long weekend. During our three days there, we did quite a bit. Here’s what happened on Day 1.


At 6:30 a.m., we’re ready to go to the airport to catch our Hawaiian Airlines flight at 8 a.m. Ensen looked handsome as usual, posing with Aunty Kim before heading out the door. He enjoyed the plane ride to Maui, sleeping most of the way there.


Maui Grandma picked us up at Kahului Airport and we head straight to IHOP for breakfast. At 9-months-old, Ensen is now able to sit in a high chair and partake in breakfast with the family. He also wasted no time making friends with other babies as they screamed and shouted across the restaurant.


Following breakfast, we made a quick stop at Tropix surf shop to pick up some Maui Built gear, then headed to Walmart to pick up some essentials for Ensen. Then it was off to Queen Kaahumanu Center to kill some time shopping and browsing around the shops. I forgot how nice this mall was. After a couple hours, it was time for a sweet treat and lunch. We found ourselves at Maui Mall for guri guri ice cream at Tasaka’s. Four scoops of strawberry and pineapple for everyone. YUMMY! Before leaving the mall, we made a quick lunch stop at Genki Sushi before heading to Maui Grandma’s house in Pukalani. The photo of Ensen above was taken on the way. Needless to say, the big smile on his face was proof enough he was enjoying his first day on Maui.


We recharged our batteries with a little nap at Maui Grandma’s house and freshened up for dinner. We headed back to town to meet up with Kelly’s aunties and uncles for a nice meal at Dragon Dragon Chinese restaurant. Sorry, no photos from this part of the trip…we were so hungry by the time we got there. To cap off the first day, we ended up at Aunty Vicky’s house for coffee and dessert. Even though it was late, Ensen played well into the night. That’s him with Uncle Frank above playing with his new toys that Aunty Vicky gave have him for Easter. Before calling it a night, he managed to terrorize everyone’s feet as he crawled under the table and through the chairs.

All in all, a very busy and enjoyable first day on Maui! Be sure to come back and find out what day two and three has in store. Here’s a hint, more eating, dancing, and the Maui Ocean Center.