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Fourth of July weekend started off with a bang in Kailua as usual. My brother-in-law Kevin can always be counted on to entertain us with his amazing stash of fireworks and his “little apprentice” Ensen was having a ball playing with morning glories and pop-pops. It’s clear he aspires to be like his uncle and already likes playing with fire at the tender age of 3.1 years old. Wonderful!

The following day, we headed back down to the windward side to have some fun. We ended up doing some backyard fishing at my in-law’s house and Ensen again had a blast catching talapia with Uncle Kevin out of a river that runs behind the house.

As we looked on, Ensen wasn’t the only one that wanted to prove he could catch fish with ease.

Out of nowhere, this herring swooped in and started to do some fishing of his own. I got lucky and was able to catch him in action as he plucked out his sushi dinner. In case you’re wondering, the bird downs the entire fish at once and probably had 4-5 fish that evening. NOM!

And as the sun started to set on another beautiful day in paradise, we happened to spot a rat dwelling in a hollowed out papaya. So of course I had to pull out my camera and take a shot. Isn’t he/she cute? Yuck!

I love three day weekends! Hope your Fourth of July was a memorable one too!

[Photo taken by me with my stock Canon EOS Rebel T1i and a Tamron 18-200mm XR DiII lens.]


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The reaction from Ensen when Uncle Kevin put him on the chair to see the Samoan crab was priceless. “WHOOOOOA,” he exclaimed as he witnessed for the first time the size and strangeness of this creature snatched from the ocean by Kailua Grandpa last week. Ensen then proceeded to examine the crab as best he could.


This had to be the biggest crab I’ve seen in real life. Not sure what it weighed, but the thing was a monster. Just look at the size of the right claw. It was as big as a beer can. It also smashed the hell out of the trap Kailua Grandpa used to catch it.


After Ensen shook its claw and posed for some photos, it was time to cook Mr. Samoan Crab. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out so good as the meat was all mushy. Perhaps it was because they froze it so they could preserve it and show everyone. Regardless, it was still an amazing catch and just means Kailua Grandpa will have to catch one again. Next time, you can be sure they’ll eat it the same day.


Uncle Kevin holds up the Samoan crab giving Ensen a second perspective on just how big this sea creature was.


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