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To quickly answer the headline of this blog…don’t do it.

So here’s the deal. A couple weeks ago I was approached by Nonstop Honolulu writer Catherine Toth to write a guest post about a memorable shopping experience for their site. “You want me to what? I hate shopping,” I believe is what I told her. But after a little convincing that it was more about the shopping experience versus shopping deals, I figure I’d give it a try.

On the site today you’ll find my post titled “Think twice before giving a ‘practical’ gift” which will hopefully inspire others to not make the same gift-giving mistakes I have in the past. Looking back now, giving Kelly that Hangaway for her birthday definitely was a lame idea.

So if you have time, please check out the post and let me know what you think. Have you given a gift you wish you could take back? There is that saying “it’s better to give then to receive,” but I have a feeling that’s only if you’re giving a “good” gift. 🙂

Happy holidays and happy shopping!


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