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Do you see what that headline in the top right of this screenshot says? Hawaii, here we come! Being huge fans of this show, Kelly and I can’t wait to see what the Gosselins did on their Hawaiian vacation.

If you haven’t already heard, Jon & Kate Plus 8 visited Maui and The Grand Wailea earlier this year for a little family vacation and to renew their wedding vows. The Maui episodes air November 10 and 17 (see information below from the TLC website and check your local listings for times), the next episode will show them leaving for Hawaii with stopover in San Diego. As Kate said in the show last week, this was to get the family acclimated to the different time zones in stages. Smart move.

It was actually one of the harder productions to keep “hush hush” about due to the show’s popularity among many of our family, friends, and colleagues. But per our firm’s agreement in working with the producers, we kept our mouths shut for confidentiality and safety reasons. Apparently, there are some crazed fans out that take things a bit too far.

So what did they do while they were on The Valley Isle? I’m not going to say anything but they had the kind of vacation on Maui every family dreams of. And I also hear the wedding vow renewal ceremony was beautiful. Although I will say my colleague Rhegan was actually there for part of the production, had the chance to meet and talk with Jon, Kate, and the rest of the family, and might tell you more if you hit her up on Twitter. 😉

BTW, if this family can travel to Hawaii for a family vacation, no excuses why any other family out there can’t. With eight kids, I can only imagine what kind of nightmare challenge that is. Go Gosselins!