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If you’re a fan of KGMB 9 News like I am, you can now become Facebook “groupies” of two of my favorite anchors – Steve Uyehara and Grace Lee. Why? I’m not sure. But why not?

I almost fell out of my chair at the office when I watched this clip of Grace breaking the news during the show this morning about a Steve Uyehara Fan Page on Facebook. Too funny! But then I immediately thought, “what about a Grace Lee Fan Page.” I was compelled to Tweet what I had just seen and my thought to the world. What transpired next was pretty neat.

My Twitter friends Brian (@dote) and Rodney (@chiburu) saw my tweet and also liked the idea of a Grace Lee fan page. So childish fun ensued about the possibility. But the great thing about social networking is there’s always someone on the other end that’s willing to help out. And that someone this time was Marc (@marcorbito) who within 30 minutes of my initial tweet put thoughts into action and created the Grace Lee Fan Page on Facebook.

So who will you become a fan of? Grace or Steve? I have a feeling a little friendly competition is about to ensue which we might see on air from time to time. Maybe my buddy Jared (@KGMB9) who works at the station can instigate just a little bit. 😉


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