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My name is Nathan Kam and I’m addicted to group buying sites like Groupon, Play Hawaii, Tippr and Living Social. There I said it. I have a hard time passing up a great deal and if a restaurant is willing to let me spend $10 to get $20 in buying power, I’m there! Hence all of the new links on the right side of this blog to try and get you to the “dark side” with me. Muaaaaahhhhhh!

But before you pass judgment on me and freak out that “social media is lame,” you might want to take a look at these sites yourself. Seriously. And here’s why:

1) The Deals – Like the example I mention above, these group buying sites offer some great deals. And not at weird, obscure shops and restaurants, but at quality establishments you probably frequent often and services that you actually want to use. It’s commonplace to buy a deal worth twice the value…$20 for $10…$10 for $5…you get the picture. In the end, you can save a lot of money if you eat out or shop frequently.

2) The Perks – These sites offer referral benefits or perks for helping spread the word. For example, last night I purchased Living Social’s $20 Gift Card for just $10. I then shared my unique referral URL on Twitter and Facebook. If I got three people to buy using my link, I get my deal for FREE! Well, today I got emails confirming 11 people used my link to buy the deal. I’m a happy camper!

3) The Gift – One of the cool things about these group buying sites is the fact you can gift deals to family and friends. Who care’s if they know you paid half price to send them a $20 restaurant gift certificate? It’s the thought that counts, right?!

4) The Other Cities/Countries – If you travel a lot, you can use these sites to follow deals in other cities and countries. When I know I’m heading out of town on a business trip or leisure, I track deals in that city I’m heading to. You never know if something awesome will be offered that you can take advantage of…tickets to see a show…admission to a museum or amusement park. Another great way to save some cash while on the road.

5) The Ease – As if buying these deal through the company website isn’t easy enough, you can also download apps (except Play Hawaii) for your iPhone to follow the deals. But the ease of following the deals also means it’s ridiculously easy to buy a deal via your iPhone app too. In two click of a button…BAM…”Thank you for purchasing this deal.” It’s a message I see all to frequently.

So there you have it. I guess secretly I really do like to shop…but only socially and when there’s a good deal involved. It seems like these social websites are here to stay and only getting more popular each day. I’m not complaining.

What group buying site do you like? What do you think about all of this madness?

Happy shopping!


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