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For all of you Guitar Hero fantatics (like Kelly and me) out there watch out. There’s a new game called Guitar Rising slated to hit the market later this year which I’m excited to get my hands on. And according to this blog, I’m not the only one. Here’s a description of the game as noted on its website:

Guitar Rising is a music video game where the player plays a real guitar as cued by the game’s visuals. Following rock music sequences and streaming notes, players play guitar melodies and rhythms. Beginner difficulty levels are designed for non-guitar players and hard difficulties will challenge experienced guitarists.

It’s no secret that Kelly consistently beats my you-know-what at Guitar Hero on a regular basis. While I love the game, I’m just not that good at it. To me, many of the songs are easier played on a real guitar, than on a miniature guitar with five colored buttons. I also think she has an advantage because she doesn’t play real guitar like I do, so everything is relatively new to her. Not to mention, she’s got really good hand-eye coordination and learns fast.

I’m convinced I could take her in this version of a music video game. But there’s also a part of me that is afraid to find out the real answer. Hey, I’m a man and I can handle the truth. I play a pretty good version of Stairway to Heaven, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Kelly played it a little bit better…yes, on a real guitar!

I guess we’ll find out how this all shakes down later in the year. I can’t wait to try this game! Maybe it will be in stores by the time my birthday comes in August (hint, hint).