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If you follow this blog, you know how much our son Ensen loves Transformers. So much so that he wants to be Optimus Prime for Halloween. Instead of buying a costume, Kelly is taking a stab at making one from scratch after watching the Howcast video above. The result will be much cuter and unique in our opinion. Stay tuned for photos of the final result.

Avery is going to be Ensen’s sidekick Bumblebee. What are you planning to be for Halloween?


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Uncle Kevin and Paul "Little E" Stanley.

Another fantastic Halloween in the books. What has become a family tradition, we headed down to Kailua to trick or treat with the family and Ensen gave fellow ghouls and goblins his best KISS (Paul Stanley) impersonation. Kelly sewed his costume and the little guy even let her paint his face. Doesn’t he look like a true rocker? He got a lot of nice comments from passersby and from the family. Now the big question is, what should he be next year? Before you answer that, here’s a few more photos to recap the night.





The hunt is on for candy…


Uncle Glen and Aunty Kim join Ensen on the trail…


Bag is filling up fast with lots of candy…


About half way around the block, Ensen started going up to the houses himself, saying “trick or treat” and collected candy himself. Priceless!


Battling the big kids for position…


A successful trip around the block and we’re spent…


Having fun with the Canon EOS Rebel T1i. Still figuring out how to use this thing…



Here’s a couple of Ensen’s friends…Kyle and Tara…


And one last crazy photo before we close.



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Kelly, Ensen, and Kailua Grandpa pose before we head out to get some candy.

So does the headline of this blog post live up to the hype we have cast upon our son as the cutest little UPS delivery guy in Honolulu (possibly Hawaii)? Kelly and I think so. 🙂 So the next time you’re asked “what can brown do for you?”, just remember it might be this little guy making the delivery.

Kam family had a great Halloween last night in Kailua with family and friends. Thought it was a little damp, Kailua Grandpa lives in one spirited neighborhood where everyone (and I mean everyone) gets in to the Halloween spirt with haunted houses, decorated yards and driveways, and so much more.

"Mom look at that! What is that? That looks pretty cool! Can I have one?"

It was also the first time trick or treating for Ensen which was extra special. He walked door-to-door asking for candy, pointing at a lot of weird stuff he’s never seen before like zombies, and overall had a great time getting a lot of attention for his UPS costume (which Kelly made by sewing a logo on to a brown shirt and borrowing the visor from a friend). Here’s a few more photos to recap the night.

Mommy and Ensen. Look at that kid's face! So sweet!

From left: Uncle Kevin and a UPS delivery guy after a long shift. Don’t worry, that bottle was empty and just a prop! We also ran into an Aloha Maid can of juice. This costume was homemade and really cool.

Our friends Amy and Jon dropped by with their son Kyle.

From left: Mommy helping Ensen make his deliveries around the neighborhood. Kim and Glen look pretty damn scary.

Say cheese!

Cruising the neighborhood and checking out all the Halloween decorations.


The Halloweenies of Anthology Marketing Group.

The Anthology Marketing Group gang sure knows how to make the most of Halloween. Here’s some photos I’ve been able to capture of our spirited staff in their best attire. Check back for updates as I’ll be posting additional photos as I snap them. 🙂

Dan of StarrTech with...hmmmm...I don't know.

Not sure what happened here but someone is gonna be on TinyTV!

Amy of McNeil Wilson Communications.

The "face of social media." Meet Michael of McNeil Wilson.

Jenni of Laird Christianson and Maria of McNeil Wilson.

Jessie the Barbarian of Laird Christianson.

Here I am with my shrunken head and orange polo.

Randi, Melissa, and Bianca of McNeil Wilson.

Warren and Kalei of McNeil Wilson.

Janice, Randi, and Erin of McNeil Wilson.

Anthony of Laird Christianson.

Anthony of Laird Christianson.

Who said Anthology didn't have good looking guys?

Who said Anthology didn't have good looking guys?

Janice and Lori of McNeil Wilson.

Janice and Lori of McNeil Wilson.

"Noreen as "Diamond Head" and Melissa "the greeter" of McNeil Wilson.

Noreen as "Diamond Head" and Melissa "the greeter" of McNeil Wilson.


Since it’s Halloween, I figured it would only be appropriate to share a few more photos from our recent visit to Aloun Farms Pumpkin Patch. Hard to believe it’s the second Halloween with Ensen. Here’s a few family photos from 2007 to share.

Last year, we had fun dressing him up as a fisherman like Kailua Grandpa. Stay tuned for photos of this year’s costume. Hope you all have a fun and safe night trick or treating around your neighborhoods. We’re going to have a blast wandering the neighborhood in Kailua. Candy, candy, candy!


The family paid a visit to Aloun Farms and its pumpkin patch this Sunday just in time for Halloween. We braved the rain and mud to see what all the hype was about and I’m glad we did. Literally thousands of pumpkins big and small everywhere. One of the best family activities we’ve done in a while…and cheap. Check out the video to see all the fun.


Ensen proved that “real” kiddie toys are so overrated. Why spend good hard earned money when you can just give your kid a shopping bag and let him go to town? This was the case the other night when E-Mobile got a hold of this Sephora bag. Kelly and I think he looks like a make-shift zebra. What do you think? And any suggestions on what we should dress him up for Halloween this year?