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UPDATE: The ‘No Reservations’ homepage just posted a Hawaii guide which outlines Bourdain’s travels throughout Hawaii. A couple things missing are New Uptown Fountain where he filmed the SPAM segment with David Choo and the backyard paina (party) in Kalihi with radio personalities Lanai and Kaleo. Bourdain also flew Hawaiian Airlines to get to Hawaii. 



Today is the day I’ve been waiting for (I think) since last December when Anthony Bourdain came to Hawaii to tape an episode of No Reservations. The one-hour Hawaii show airs tonight (8 p.m. HST) on the Travel Channel and the world will find out exactly what Bourdain thinks about the Hawaiian Islands, our culture, people, and cuisine.

Was bringing the show to Hawaii a brilliant idea to share a unique side of paradise with travelers across the mainland? Or was this an initiative for our client – the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau – that we’ll all want to forget about soon?

The moment of truth will be delivered in a few hours.

I’ll be anxiously watching with my team and colleagues at Side Street Inn tonight. For the record, I’m sticking with my positive outlook that Bourdain will love Hawaii. And not like the outcome of the show can change at this point, but just for fun I visited Bourdain’s MySpace page this weekend to request his friendship (which he accepted). I’m taking this as a good sign of things to come.


[Photo courtesy of Bourdain’s MySpace page]