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Do you see what that headline in the top right of this screenshot says? Hawaii, here we come! Being huge fans of this show, Kelly and I can’t wait to see what the Gosselins did on their Hawaiian vacation.

If you haven’t already heard, Jon & Kate Plus 8 visited Maui and The Grand Wailea earlier this year for a little family vacation and to renew their wedding vows. The Maui episodes air November 10 and 17 (see information below from the TLC website and check your local listings for times), the next episode will show them leaving for Hawaii with stopover in San Diego. As Kate said in the show last week, this was to get the family acclimated to the different time zones in stages. Smart move.

It was actually one of the harder productions to keep “hush hush” about due to the show’s popularity among many of our family, friends, and colleagues. But per our firm’s agreement in working with the producers, we kept our mouths shut for confidentiality and safety reasons. Apparently, there are some crazed fans out that take things a bit too far.

So what did they do while they were on The Valley Isle? I’m not going to say anything but they had the kind of vacation on Maui every family dreams of. And I also hear the wedding vow renewal ceremony was beautiful. Although I will say my colleague Rhegan was actually there for part of the production, had the chance to meet and talk with Jon, Kate, and the rest of the family, and might tell you more if you hit her up on Twitter. 😉

BTW, if this family can travel to Hawaii for a family vacation, no excuses why any other family out there can’t. With eight kids, I can only imagine what kind of nightmare challenge that is. Go Gosselins!


Another beautiful day at the Hanalei Bay Pier on Kauai.

News headlines these days have been pretty grim for Hawaii following the shutdown of Aloha Airlines and ATA. Most outlets are speculating airfare to the islands will rise due to a reduction in seats and jet fuel prices at all time record highs. I think it’s fair to say travelers will certainly see higher fares in the near future.

But despite all of the negative headlines, I was curious to find out just how expensive it is to fly to Hawaii this summer from some of this destination’s key markets (versus other competitive destinations like Orlando, Jamaica, Mexico, Bahamas, London, etc.).

So I did some very non-scientific research yesterday on I picked travel dates (July 3-11), which I thought airfares were most likely to be at a premium. And here is what I found (rates based on one round trip ticket):

Los Angeles

  • LAX-HNL (Honolulu) – $538
  • LAX-MCO (Orlando) – $369
  • LAX-KIN (Jamaica) – $550
  • LAX-FPO (Bahama) – $476
  • LAX-MEX (Mexico) – $357
  • LAX-LHR (London) – $1,103

San Francisco

  • SFO-HNL (Honolulu) – $652
  • SFO-MCO (Orlando) – $399
  • SFO-KIN (Jamaica) – $700
  • SFO-FPO (Bahama) – $513
  • SFO-MEX (Mexico) – $545
  • SFO-LHR (London) – $1,123

Vancouver, B.C.

  • YVR-HNL (Honolulu) – $754
  • YVR-MCO (Orlando) – $648
  • YVR-KIN (Jamaica) – $1,004
  • YVR-FPO (Bahama) – $777
  • YVR-MEX (Mexico) – $723
  • YVR-LHR (London) – $1,215

New York

  • NYC-HNL (Honolulu) – $868
  • NYC-LAX (Los Angeles) – $366
  • NYC-KIN (Jamaica) – $445
  • NYC-FPO (Bahama) – $347
  • NYC-MEX (Mexico) – $342
  • NYC-LHR (London) – $912

To summarize:

  • No matter what destination you’re thinking of traveling to, airfares will generally be high across the board, particularly to Europe.
  • Airfare from the West Coast/Canada to Hawaii remains very competitive with other destinations. The current exchange rate for Canadians makes a trip/vacation to Hawaii very reasonable.
  • Airfare from the East Coast to Hawaii is higher versus travel to competitive destinations. No surprise here regardless of the current airline situation.

Looking at the bigger travel picture, if you’re determined to take a tropical overseas vacation this summer regardless of the cost, Hawaii is still a great value! What are you waiting for? Do your research, book early, put your tax refund to good use, and make that Hawaii vacation a reality.

To start planning your Hawaii vacation, visit



Reading the story “Volcanic eruption is fascinating and frightening” in today’s Honolulu Star-Bulletin instantly took me back to childhood days growing up on the Big Island.

I can still vividly recall the days of riding home in the car from Hilo and seeing the glowing curtain of lava spewing high into the air from Kilauea. It was like something from another planet. After a big eruption, we’d find “Pele’s hair” (the fine fiberglass-like strands) and “Pele’s tears” (smooth rock in a tear shape) in our yard, at the tennis courts…basically all over Kona town over a hundred miles from the source.

As a kid, it amazed me to see this act of nature taking place in my own “backyard.” And still today, whenever I visit Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, just the sight of Halemaumau Crater (see via live webcam) takes my breath away. I never get tired of seeing something so beautiful no matter how many times I’ve been there.

It doesn’t surprise me HVNP is the most popular visitor attraction in the islands. Born and raised in Hawaii, I often take for granted what makes this place so special. I can’t wait to take Ensen to volcano one of these days and see the reaction on his face.


[Photo courtesy of National Park Service/N. Judd, March 24, 2008]

Filming for the Pro Bowl at the Battleship Missouri.

The NFL Pro Bowl airs tomorrow on FOX (11 a.m. HST) and to ensure Oahu is well represented during the game, I spent yesterday running around Honolulu with Kevin Santos (FOX camera guy) and Brian Wallace (locally hired production assistant) to film a few activities and attractions that will air during the game. The purpose? Make viewers on the mainland wish they were in Hawaii through a series of promotional vignettes that highlight some of the great things to experience here in the islands while showing off the natural beauty of Oahu.

Oh yeah, if you didn’t already figure it out, this was a work project being done for my client the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau (HVCB). Curious about what/where we filmed yesterday? Here’s the list:

Too bad we didn’t have a bit more time to get to the North Shore to film some of the big wave surfing currently going on right now. Hopefully Kevin and Brian have some time today to get there. The surf is supposed to be pounding!

I’m looking forward to watching a fun game tomorrow on TV and seeing Hawaii in the national spotlight! Hope these vignettes showcase the destination well.


My client, the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau (HVCB), launched a series of short films on showcasing local people sharing “Stories of Hawaii” about life in the islands. These aren’t your ordinary tourism promotion videos. These are films that share a unique side of Hawaii which many travelers may not know about and give them a deeper understanding of what this paradise has to offer. As you’ll see, and as the residents of Hawaii know, is place has much to offer beyond the warm sun, white sand, and awe-inspiring surf. Who wouldn’t want to visit Hawaii after watching these short films?

To view all eight videos and share them with your family and friends, visit the “Stories of Hawaii” page on this blog or visit As a person that loves food, here’s one of my favorite videos to give you an example: “Maui cuisine from farm to table with Chef James McDonald.Credit goes to Milici Valenti Ng Pack and Firefly Interactive for creating these awesome pieces.



A co-worker sent me a link to a product called the Perfect Hawaii Chair made by Perfect USA. Her e-mail to me said it all: “Have you seen this? The Hawaii Chair…I thought it was a joke, but it looks real.”

As far as I can tell, it’s as real as it is embarrassing to see Hawaii associated with it. Just check out the video on the site. Tell me your co-workers wouldn’t laugh you all the way to Human Resources if you had this in your office. According to the website:

The Perfect Hawaii Chair combines the ancient art of the Hula with patented 2,800 RPM Hula motor to create an easy-to-use waistline slimming and fat burning aerobic workout exercise machine that take the work out of your work. The Hawaii Chair fits in anywhere, is easy to use and perfect for the whole family. The Hawaii Chair targets improved waistline and shedding some unwanted fat from your body. For senior citizens, frequent exercising with the Hawaii Chair promotes vigor without strenuous exercising.

The chair’s movement really makes it look more like a “Tahitian Chair” to me! And what the heck is a “hula motor”? It’s pretty obvious to me these designers never once saw the ancient hula kahiko performed or understand the significance of hula here in Hawaii. Someone get them a copy of last year’s Merrie Monarch Festival. Now that’s authentic hula!

The marketing behind this product really proves to me just how strong the Hawaii brand is. Take the tourism industry for example. Hawaii is one of the most recognized and loved vacation destinations in the world. After decades of brand building, it’s disgusting to see how far some companies will go to take advantage of Hawaii or the culture just to sell something.

As I once heard in a Hawaiian cultural sensitivity training class, putting pineapple on a pizza with ham doesn’t make it a Hawaiian pizza. There’s much more to being Hawaiian or “of Hawaii” than what’s on the surface. Wouldn’t you agree?