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A thunder storm rocked Oahu last night and knocked the power out across the island around 7 p.m. But just before the outage occurred, I set my Flip Mino on our lanai and aimed it north into the night’s sky. I was able to capture some of the amazing lightning show that entertained us before we sat around in the dark. I’ve condensed it down to a minute and half. Check it out!

Hawaii blogger Ryan Ozawa managed to get a post up on his site during the outage with details about the situation. With only a radio and my iPhone to keep up-to-speed on things, it was fun to follow the updates on Twitter. Reports from folks around the island were steady and easily trackable with the “hashtag” #hipower suggested by Ryan. I’m glad to report the power finally came back on in Salt Lake around 7 a.m. Time to shower.


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