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Blog followers will remember our first visit to Bishop Museum with Ensen last September didn’t go so well. You can read all about that experience here. But with nine-months passing, Kelly and I were determined to get back there with the little guy since he can now walk, mumble, and understand the world around him much better. Boy did we have a blast!

After having a quick lunch on the lawn, we headed indoors to explore the “Whales: Wonders of the Ocean” exhibit currently on display in Castle Memorial Hall. Who knew whales were originally land based creatures many moons ago? We do now. Ensen enjoyed looking at the whales and singing with them on Cetacean Idol hosted by Lion Seacrest (no joke, you read that correctly…watch the video below).

The one thing we didn’t get to see the last time was the planetarium, so we weren’t going to leave before doing so this time. The “Science on a Sphere” display in the waiting area is quite interesting with lots of great information about the solar system. Then it was into the planetarium for the show. Ensen was well behaved and enjoyed observing the heavens with us. The “Explorers of Polynesia” show featuring Nainoa Thompson’s historic voyage from Hawaii to Tahiti aboard Hokulea put the difficulty of star navigation into perspective. Watching and learning how they used the sky like a compass was amazing. Now, I want to be an astronomer or master navigator when I grow  up.

Bishop Museum is a great deal and place to spend the weekend with the family. We took advantage of becoming members this time which is only $50 for the year. Can’t beat a deal like that. We’ll be back soon!