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One of the fun things about blogging and social networking is meeting new people with similar interests across the globe. I was recently “tagged” by Scot Duke (@MrBusinessGolf) who I’ve gotten to know on Twitter since we both like golf, social media, and SPAM. Okay, so Scot doesn’t like Spam, but for one reason or another he felt that I’d be a good person for the “7 Things You Wish You Didn’t (Or Did) Know About Me” project and I’m humbled.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Link to your original tagger(s) and list these rules in your post.
  2. Share seven facts about yourself in the post.
  3. Tag seven people at the end of your post by leaving their names and the links to their blogs.
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I feel honored to be singled out and obligated to keep the momentum going. So here it goes…

No. 1
I love heavy metal and Metallica is my favorite band of all time. But everyone knows that. What most don’t know is I  played in a couple rock bands in intermediate and high school growing up on the Big Island. That’s right, I was a full-fledged headbanger who used to walk the halls sporting long hair and Metallica shirts. The first band I was in was named “Stillborn.” Don’t ask why. The last band I played in was called “Insomnia” and was made up of two guys and two girls. We were a pretty good cover band if you ask me. I played bass guitar, by buddy Dylan played lead and rhythm guitar, Leila played the drums, and Dayna sang. We’d play at school, at friends parties, and anywhere else they’d let us make some noise. It was fun while it lasted, but the band eventually gave me an ultimatum…commit more time to music or leave and go play baseball. See number two below for the rest of this story.

No. 2
While playing in the band was fun, music was not going to be my future. So I decided to stick with something I was better at and that was baseball. It was a good choice and something that I worked hard at, eventually making the Big Island Interscholastic Federation (B.I.I.F) all-star team a couple times at Konawaena High School. I kind of played everywhere…pitcher, shortstop, second base, outfield…you name it, I played it. In my senior year (1995), our team made the state tournament for the first time in 25 years. We beat Big Island powerhouse Waiakea High School and went to the tournament with Hilo High School that year. I still remember the moment like it was yesterday. Just beating Waiakea was like winning the World Series since nobody ever gave us a serious thought about ever making it to states. Proving them wrong was unreal and something I’ll never forget.

No. 3
I’ll keep this one short and sweet. I share the same birthday of August 12 with my late grandma, mom, and cousin…all on my mom’s side of the family. How cool is that?

No. 4
I’ve never traveled outside the United States. This surprises a lot of people especially since I work in travel public relations for one of Hawaii’s largest agencies, McNeil Wilson Communications. I’ve been to many places on the mainland for work and pleasure, but am yet to get out of the country. I’d love to visit Japan, Korea, or China first and will get there eventually.

No. 5
It’s no secret that I love to play and watch golf, but what I’m most proud about is the fact that I once shot a 75 (3 over par) at Kapolei Golf Course a couple years ago. Considering I picked up the game after high school and have never had a formal lesson, its a personal achievement I wish I could mimic more often. Golf is a fickle game, and now that I hardly get out to play, I’m content being a 12 handicapper shooting in the 80s. Maybe the next time I do this I’ll be able to say I got a hole-in-one. Still waiting for that…

No. 6
I love watches and wish I had more money to buy them. I’m not sure where this trend started but I’m blaming Tiger Woods and his endorsement of Tag Heuer for some of my fanaticism. I have two of them in my collection. When Kelly and I got married, I actually joked with her that I wanted a “wedding watch” instead of a “wedding band.” Lucky for me I got both. Everytime we go to the mall, I have to look at the watch stores at least to dream. I remember going to New York on our honeymoon and visiting Tourneau for the first time. We have one here now in Waikiki now at Royal Hawaiian Center and I need to check it out soon.

No. 7
I proposed to my wife at the Hawaii State Farm Fair while watching the piggies race. No joke! I remember being nervous as the little piggy rounded the bend and I reached in my pocket for the ring. I believe the specific words from my mouth were “would you s–t a brick if I asked you to marry me?” And the rest is history. We’ve now been happily married for almost five years now.

So now that I’ve share a little more about me, time to tag seven more people and keep this party rocking. Here’s who I’m calling out (in no particular order):

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I wish I could list a ton more people, but I gotta play by the rules. Looking forward to reading your posts.


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UPDATE: In conferring with my team members this morning, those four-night stays at the Sheraton Waikiki we each won will be going towards a greater cause…the Anthology Marketing Group Yule Store Silent Auction. What a generous bunch of people I work with!

The winning 6th place team of Tom Shiu, me, and Noelle Baker.

We may not have had the lowest score of the day, but Team Anthology Marketing Group had the right score yesterday (net 52.2) to be named the winning team in the 6th Annual Sheraton Hawaii Bowl Golf Tournament yesterday at Kapolei Golf Course. To our surprise, the tournament awarded the top prize (each of us a 4-night stay a the Sheraton Waikiki) to the sixth place team in celebration of its sixth year. It paid to be “kind of good” in this case, and having no expectations going in, was an exciting way to end a fantastic day of golf.


Those who play in three-man modified scramble tournaments know it really takes a team effort for a chance to win. Thank goodness our team was clicking on nearly all cylinders.

Tom Shiu (30 handicap) of Laird Christianson Advertising is a very consistent and steady golfer. He’s also one heck of a putter who birdied a few holes to keep the team score down. Noelle Baker (35 handicap), one of the partners of Anthology Marketing Group, is equally as steady in her play, a tremendous driver of the golf ball, and just a joy to be with out on the golf course.

As for me (13 handicap), I actually played pretty good considering I hadn’t teed it up in quite some time. I drove the ball well, irons were working, but the putter was broken. Thank goodness I had solid team members to help get the ball in the hole. There must be something about Kapolei Golf Course that fits my game since it’s also the place I’ve shot my lowest score of 75. All in all, we had a great time.


Here's the proof. Our net score of 52.2 was calculated off our gross score of 68 plus 20 percent of our team handicap. Thank goodness for handicaps.

Here’s to hoping we can tee it up as an agency again soon. Mahalo to our fearless leader Dennis Christianson for sponsoring the Anthology team and to Mei Jeanne Wagner for answering my somewhat sarcastic question – “Why don’t we enter a team?” – so positively and for helping to make this happen. This win is for the agency!

Last but not least, my final words to my teammates: WE KICKED A$$! 🙂


A beautiful sunset in Kapolei as we finish up our round.