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After a failed attempt to get to Honolulu Zoo last weekend, the Kam family set the same course this morning with one thing in mind – get Ensen to the Keiki Zoo to play with the animals and have some fun. And boy did he ever!

Using our trusty Canon SD750 digital camera, I shot video like there was no tomorrow to document the day. Once we got home, I downloaded all the footage into iMovie and went to work. The video below received Kelly’s approval for publishing, so here goes nothing. Check out the look on Ensen’s face. This is what family, love, and life is all about! PRICELESS!

If you didn’t hear, Honolulu Zoo was recently named one of “America’s Best Zoos 2008” by The Intrepid Traveler. Today, the zoo was the happiest place in Hawaii for us and is definitely Kam family approved!