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You know what’s amazing about Lego? It’s simplicity and complexity. Have you seen the creations at the Lego Store in Ala Moana Center? The fact that you can make these amazing pieces of art out of squares, rectangles, flat, and colorful pieces is genius. And the Lego people are awesome too. Don’t you want to just grab that big Lego Man from the Lego Store and bolt! I do!

What’s also amazing is the same toy I loved playing with growing up is now being loved by our soon-to-be 3-year-old son Ensen. He can’t get enough of it and has become quite a fanatic. His grandparents, aunties and uncles, friends, and okay, even his parents, have bought him a few too many. But that’s okay…because what really rocks is the Lego pieces I played with are still usable today…some 25+ years later. Because of that, Ensen has been able to amass a nice little Lego collection of his own without us dishing out a lot of $$$. Sweet!

He loves the people and creating airplanes, monster trucks, and really anything with wheels. He also enjoys my old school collection, like the airplane below, which was hiding in my bedroom closet in Kona. It was like getting a “brand new” 20-year-old Lego. 😉

But his fascination continues to grow and his collection continues to expand. Fire trucks have been the latest loves, along with a garbage truck and a few other cars.

It’s safe to say when we get to the West Coast, a stop at Lego Land will definitely be on our itinerary. Until then, we’ll keep building things in our living room one block at a time…and taking silly photos of Lego people and our timeless creations.

[All photos taken by me with my stock Canon EOS Rebel T1i.]


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