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UPDATE: MetClub members have the opportunity to purchase tickets in advance before the general public gets a shot at them tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. via Ticketmaster. So I couldn’t help myself but to by them for me and my brother -in-law.  Can’t believe we’re doing this. It’s going to be epic! General admission tickets are $99 and VIP tickets are $199. Good luck getting yours tomorrow. And if you’re from Hawaii heading to the show, hit me up.

The moment metal heads have been waiting for! The big announcement on Facebook this morning revealed that The Big 4 – Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax – will take the stage together on April 23, 2011, at the Empire Polo Club in IndIo, Calif. for the first and only time in the U.S. Tickets go on sale this Friday at 8 a.m. HST (10 a.m. PT). Guess who’s already making plans to be at this epic show?! 😉

The announcement of only one show date also brought with it frustration and disappointment from fans who had no trouble venting it on The Big 4 Facebook fan page. I can understand why, but honestly, I’m just glad there’s an opportunity to see this gig in the states.

Not knowing where Indio, Calif. or the Empire Polo Club is, I did a Google search to learn it’s a pretty nice venue a little south east of Palm Springs. It’s surrounded by hotels and what seems like dozens of GOLF COURSES, including Indian Wells, TPC Stadium Course, Mission Hills. Should make for a couple of fun days in the area before or after the show. And speaking of the show, here’s a teaser video below:

So my prayer for a Hawaii show was unanswered. But at least it’s going down on the West Coast. So what’s the fastest and most cost efficient way to do this? Fly into LAX or SNA and drive? Pay more and fly into PSP or ONT? Any recommendations on hotels in the area? And perhaps the most important question…are you going too?!!

See you at the Empire Polo Club in April!. \m/



Need I say more? HOLY MOLY! According to The Big 4 Facebook fan page, U.S. tour dates will be announced tomorrow, January 25th at 8 a.m. PT (6 a.m. HST). I’ll be anxiously waiting like a kid on Christmas Eve to find out when and where.

Many may not know that I played in a rock band in intermediate and high school and listened to a lot of Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax growing up. In fact, I still listen to these guys all the time. Metallica is my favorite band of all time.

So I’m obviously hoping for a Hawaii stop, but realize that’s probably not going to happen. I’ll concede for a stop on the West Coast…San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle…ah hell, I’ll even travel to New  York to see these guys in the flesh and  head bang a bit if I have to. I hope my brother-in-law Glen has vacation time to burn! 😉


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One of the fun things about blogging and social networking is meeting new people with similar interests across the globe. I was recently “tagged” by Scot Duke (@MrBusinessGolf) who I’ve gotten to know on Twitter since we both like golf, social media, and SPAM. Okay, so Scot doesn’t like Spam, but for one reason or another he felt that I’d be a good person for the “7 Things You Wish You Didn’t (Or Did) Know About Me” project and I’m humbled.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Link to your original tagger(s) and list these rules in your post.
  2. Share seven facts about yourself in the post.
  3. Tag seven people at the end of your post by leaving their names and the links to their blogs.
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I feel honored to be singled out and obligated to keep the momentum going. So here it goes…

No. 1
I love heavy metal and Metallica is my favorite band of all time. But everyone knows that. What most don’t know is I  played in a couple rock bands in intermediate and high school growing up on the Big Island. That’s right, I was a full-fledged headbanger who used to walk the halls sporting long hair and Metallica shirts. The first band I was in was named “Stillborn.” Don’t ask why. The last band I played in was called “Insomnia” and was made up of two guys and two girls. We were a pretty good cover band if you ask me. I played bass guitar, by buddy Dylan played lead and rhythm guitar, Leila played the drums, and Dayna sang. We’d play at school, at friends parties, and anywhere else they’d let us make some noise. It was fun while it lasted, but the band eventually gave me an ultimatum…commit more time to music or leave and go play baseball. See number two below for the rest of this story.

No. 2
While playing in the band was fun, music was not going to be my future. So I decided to stick with something I was better at and that was baseball. It was a good choice and something that I worked hard at, eventually making the Big Island Interscholastic Federation (B.I.I.F) all-star team a couple times at Konawaena High School. I kind of played everywhere…pitcher, shortstop, second base, outfield…you name it, I played it. In my senior year (1995), our team made the state tournament for the first time in 25 years. We beat Big Island powerhouse Waiakea High School and went to the tournament with Hilo High School that year. I still remember the moment like it was yesterday. Just beating Waiakea was like winning the World Series since nobody ever gave us a serious thought about ever making it to states. Proving them wrong was unreal and something I’ll never forget.

No. 3
I’ll keep this one short and sweet. I share the same birthday of August 12 with my late grandma, mom, and cousin…all on my mom’s side of the family. How cool is that?

No. 4
I’ve never traveled outside the United States. This surprises a lot of people especially since I work in travel public relations for one of Hawaii’s largest agencies, McNeil Wilson Communications. I’ve been to many places on the mainland for work and pleasure, but am yet to get out of the country. I’d love to visit Japan, Korea, or China first and will get there eventually.

No. 5
It’s no secret that I love to play and watch golf, but what I’m most proud about is the fact that I once shot a 75 (3 over par) at Kapolei Golf Course a couple years ago. Considering I picked up the game after high school and have never had a formal lesson, its a personal achievement I wish I could mimic more often. Golf is a fickle game, and now that I hardly get out to play, I’m content being a 12 handicapper shooting in the 80s. Maybe the next time I do this I’ll be able to say I got a hole-in-one. Still waiting for that…

No. 6
I love watches and wish I had more money to buy them. I’m not sure where this trend started but I’m blaming Tiger Woods and his endorsement of Tag Heuer for some of my fanaticism. I have two of them in my collection. When Kelly and I got married, I actually joked with her that I wanted a “wedding watch” instead of a “wedding band.” Lucky for me I got both. Everytime we go to the mall, I have to look at the watch stores at least to dream. I remember going to New York on our honeymoon and visiting Tourneau for the first time. We have one here now in Waikiki now at Royal Hawaiian Center and I need to check it out soon.

No. 7
I proposed to my wife at the Hawaii State Farm Fair while watching the piggies race. No joke! I remember being nervous as the little piggy rounded the bend and I reached in my pocket for the ring. I believe the specific words from my mouth were “would you s–t a brick if I asked you to marry me?” And the rest is history. We’ve now been happily married for almost five years now.

So now that I’ve share a little more about me, time to tag seven more people and keep this party rocking. Here’s who I’m calling out (in no particular order):

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Tawny Press – great resource on Twitter and has connected me to some great people
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I wish I could list a ton more people, but I gotta play by the rules. Looking forward to reading your posts.


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I came across  Metallica’s new video “All Nightmare Long” off their album Death Magnetic on YouTube tonight and had to do a double take. I was expecting to see something heavy with a powerful storyline and visual images…something along the lines of “One.”

But what they did instead was something like I’ve never seen from them before. Something that left me scratching my head as I watched it. No sight of any band members and some of the most intriguingly weird footage I’ve ever seen. What in the heck is this “dust spore” called Cnopbl? Is this real? Is this make believe? What the hell is it period? All I know is that it’s pretty freaky and I hope it’s not true. Check out the video below and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Metallica fan or not it’s worth watching.

After watching the video, I did a little more investigating online and came across this vlog by Metallica’s lead guitarist Kirk Hammett. Turns out, he bought this footage off a guy in Russia a while ago while the band was on tour. As you can see from his reaction, even he doesn’t know what it all means. Propoganda? Some kind of intelligence from a laboratory? Something to worry about in the future? He basically leaves it up to us to decide.

So what do you think this is all about? I’m still trying to figure it out myself. Please leave a comment if you have any thoughts.


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I started hearing about some controversy a couple weeks ago following the launch of Metallica’s new album Death Magnetic that the sound quality of the album was severely deficient.  Not being a music expert by any stretch of the imagination, I didn’t really think there was any problem with the album. It sounds good to me.

But many experts and fans out there feel Metallica made a huge mistake in turning up the volume on its latest release which compromised the sound quality of the album. This Rolling Stone article breaks down the controversy.

To further help understand the situation in terms I could relate to, my brother-in-law (and fellow Metallica die hard) shared the following YouTube videos with me. After watching and hearing the comparisons between the CD vs. Guitar Hero versions of the album, there IS clearly a huge difference. See for yourself.

Let the critics say what they may, but to the average fan like me, the album is just fine. Is still think it’s one of Metallica’s better works to come out since the Black Album and a little quality control issue isn’t going to stop me from listening.


I’m going to keep this post short and sweet. METALLICA IS BACK AND HEAVY AGAIN! I downloaded their new album Death Magnetic on iTunes last night and am glad to say they have returned to the Metallica I came to love back in their early days…speed metal with heavy riffs, killer solos, and solid vocals. The sound that James, Lars, Kirk, and Robert have given us die hard fans was worth the long wait. Thank you.

I’ve already listened to the album three times since last night and have my favorites. Can’t get enough of The End of the Line, The Unforgiven III, The Day That Never Comes, and The Judas Kiss.

What’s your favorites? Let me know what you think. Now if they would just add Hawaii to their tour, that would be awesome!


After finding this Metallica video on YouTube of the guys rocking a venue in the UK and playing “The Day That Never Comes” off their upcoming album, I really hope they will consider adding Hawaii to their Death Magnetic concert tour. Afterall, Kirk Hammett’s wife is from Waimanalo so there’s already a reason to come here. Okay, maybe I’m reaching.

But seriously, c’mon Kirk, James, Lars, and Robert…show Hawaii what you’ve got! When the mainland starts to get too cold, just remember it will be 80 degrees here in the Islands. Yes, even during the winter. Aloha Stadium has your name on it.