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Now Growing: Okra

Posted: June 30, 2012 by Nathan Kam in Home Garden
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For about nine months now, I’ve been trying to grow a variety of different vegetables in our home garden. It’s been tough, but quite a rewarding feeling when things actually grow and you can feed your family and friends the fruits…errr…veggies…of your labor.

Most recently, we threw some okra seeds in the ground and low and behold, the darn things are growing! And quickly too. Until now, I had no idea how okra grew. On trees? On a bush? On a vine? Well, like this in the photo above.

Seeing how things grow has also been a very educational thing for me and the family. Our kids enjoy going into the garden, picking stuff and often eating them. But the thing that makes me most proud is the fact that Ensen and Avery can identify veggies in their natural habitat. Eggplant doesn’t come from Foodland, it actually comes from a tree looking thingy.

Teaching our kids where food comes from is important to Kelly and me and the reason I’ll continue to tend this garden for years to come. It’s also made me appreciate a lot more what our local farmers do for a living to feed their communities.

If you have any gardening tips, I’m all ears!