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After much anticipation, Kelly and I finally had the chance to take Ensen to see the Giant Insect Safari exhibit at Pearlridge Center Uptown. Aunty Kim also came along to ensure none of the huge bugs attacked us. It’s actually one of the better mall experiences I’ve seen and needless to say Ensen loved riding the train ($3/person) through the larger-than-life creature display. I have to say the 19-foot Praying Mantis, the 15-foot Caterpillar, and 16-foot Locust were 100 times grosser (is that a word?) than their real-life counterparts, but really cool at the same time. 🙂 Little E (in the orange shirt) had so much fun, I created a little video of our adventure.

The Giant Insect Safari runs through August 2, 2009, all day, every day during mall hours. The exhibit is FREE to view with a nominal charge to ride the train. It’s a great summertime family activity to beat the island heat (love Pearlridge’s cool AC), get educated about insects, and do a little shopping to boost the local economy.

We’ll certainly be back!


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Ensen cruising with a bunch of Domos at Suncoast in Pearlridge Center.

Ensen cruising with a bunch of Domos at Suncoast in Pearlridge Center.

The title of this blog post says it all. That’s the way Kelly described Domo, the mascot of Japan’s NHK television station, to me the first time before we knew exactly what he was all about. We’d first seen him at Hot Topic then Kelly bought me a Domo t-shirt from the Suncoast movie store at Pearlridge Center.

Since then, the Kam family has become big fans of the little monster. So yesterday when we stumbled upon a stuffed animal version of Domo, we had no choice but to buy one. Ensen left the store with the little one pictured above ($8). The bigger version was super cuddly as well and sells for $29.

Any other Domo fans out there? And where can we find more Domo stuff on Oahu?


At just 13 months old, Ensen proved to us last night at Macy’s that he’s got fashion sense. Afterall, look at the way the kid is dressed…Quiksilver shirt/shorts and Air Jordan shoes. He definitely dresses better than his father. DAMN!

While Kelly browsed around the children’s section, “Little E” and I had some fun running around checking out the latest fashions. Even though none of the sizes in this section fit me, Ensen didn’t hesitate making some recommendations as my personal shopper.

Those red and black surf shorts he picked out for me were pretty styling…just needed to be in a size 32.

I’ll bet your personal shopper isn’t as cute as ours. Okay, that’s just a proud daddy blogging. 😉


Ensen turned the big “1” yesterday and the Kam family celebrated the very special occasion at Farrell’s in Pearlridge Center. This was just the “warm up” party with family for the big gathering coming in a couple of weeks. Ensen was super happy to have everyone come celebrate with him, including Kona Grandma (no Kona Grandpa since he was busy working), Kailua Grandpa and Grandma, Aunty Kim and Uncle Glen, Uncle Jon, and Grandma Ishii.

This place is the perfect venue for kids with a lot of noise and action going on every minute of your meal. The staff sings to everyone celebrating a birthday which Ensen just loved. We managed to have a great meal and even had room for the Pig’s Trough dessert at the end. So ono!

In typical Kam Family Blog style, here’s a bunch of pictures from last night.

From left: Mommy and Ensen on our way to the party. Ensen, Kelly, and Jon. Ensen eating dinner…baked potato.

From left: Glen, Kim, Ensen and Kelly. Everyone enjoying dinner. Ensen checking out the other babies at the restaurant.

From left: Singing “Happy Birthday” to Ensen. The Pig’s Trough dessert enough to feed up to 10 people. Glen, Kim, and Ensen.

From left: Kona Grandma with the little man of the hour. Kailua Grandpa showing Ensen all the toys. Everyone happy to be celebrating with the little guy.