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If you think I'm joking about seeing the No. 337 all the time, my new blog will share just how frequently it happens. This was a recent encounter at Costco!

It took me a while, but I finally did it. I now have an official THREE 3 SEVEN blog on Posterous to celebrate the number that just wont leave me (and my family and friends) alone! I’ve also added a button to the right side of my blog for easy access to the site as well.

I’m becoming somewhat superstitious about the number and the fact that it’s been following me (or haunting me) since my days in college. I’ve shared the story about 337 in a post on this blog about how it all started and have gotten some interesting feed back about what the number could possibly mean. Some say it’s good luck. Other say it refers to some thing about the gates of hell! Yowser!

Whatever it is, it’s become kind of fun documenting all of the sightings. So, instead of just sharing them all over the place via my Twitter, Twitpic, and Facebook accounts, there’s now a happy home on Posterous (quickly becoming my favorite blogging platform BTW) to celebrate the infamous number.

Here’s to more 337 sightings here in Hawaii and abroad. If you happen to have a 337 encounter yourself, feel free to email the photo to me and I’ll post it up on the site (with credit back to you and your blog of course!).


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