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Anthony Bourdain came to Hawaii. He saw. He conquered. And in the end, he loved every minute of his time in the Hawaiian Islands! YES!

So why were all of the locals (including yours truly) holding our collective breath as the Hawaii episode of No Reservations aired on the Travel Channel last night? Well, because it’s Bourdain we’re talking about here. No one could have guessed whether a dash of Spam Musubi and good ‘ol dousing of Aloha Spirit would be enough to win the heart of this “tell it like it is” chef. But it did, as well as many other experiences the bad boy chef had while he was in Hawaii.

A $3,000 aloha shirt from Bailey’s, out of this world Puka Dog in Waikiki, delicious grinds at Ono Hawaiian Food, hanging out with the island’s top chefs at Side Street Inn, a visit to the famous North Shore of Oahu, all the SPAM he could eat at New Uptown Fountain, a typical local backyard BBQ, exploration into tiki drinks at La Mariana, and visit to volcano on Hawaii Island was the perfect recipe to prove to Bourdain that Hawaii is much more than sun, sand, and surf. Surprisingly, he even managed to enjoy himself at the Paradise Cove Luau.

The show was a fantastic showcase and representation of the way Hawaii people live and eat in its truest sense. Bourdain dove right in to the local lifestyle enjoyed here in the islands and opened his mind and heart to everything the encountered. The result was a new appreciation for a place he doubted before, but grew to love in one short week. Funny how Hawaii does that to people sometimes.

To all involved in this endeavor to welcome Bourdain to Hawaii…much mahalo! Mr. Bourdain, we enjoyed your presence here in the 50th state, are totally stoked you enjoyed what you saw/ate, and hope you come back to visit again soon!

For the low down and further insights into the production, be sure to visit my colleague Michael Ni’s blog.


[Photo courtesy of Travel Channel]