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We hit the Hawaii State Farm Fair at Bishop Museum like thousands of others this weekend and had a blast watching Ensen play with the animals, eating ono food, and buying what we could in the produce/goodies tent. But the highlight of the day was being able to wheel our little guy around in his awesome new Radio Flyer wagon. Every kid needs a wagon right? So we didn’t hesitate buying this deluxe model (with canopy) at Walmart on Saturday. Ensen loved the ride around the museum grounds and we enjoyed having the extra space to lug our purchases around. No need for a stroller any more.

Arriving at Bishop Museum early meant we got a space in the parking lot. After loading up, it was straight to the entrance. Being members of the museum enabled us to scoot to the front of the line and enter quickly. Cool perk!

Aunty Kim came along too and since we were starving when we got there at 9 a.m., we headed straight to the food booths for some grinds. After a quick bite, Ensen enjoyed checking out all the animals in the petting area, but was fascinated most by the chicks. There were rides there too, but he was too small to ride any. 😦 Next year!

It was a hot Sunday, so a huge slice of watermelon was just what the doctor ordered. We even ran into my dad’s aunties in the produce/product tent which was a nice surprise.

The fruits (and other goodies) of our time at the Farm Fair. All grown and made in Hawaii. All delicious!