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To quickly answer the headline of this blog…don’t do it.

So here’s the deal. A couple weeks ago I was approached by Nonstop Honolulu writer Catherine Toth to write a guest post about a memorable shopping experience for their site. “You want me to what? I hate shopping,” I believe is what I told her. But after a little convincing that it was more about the shopping experience versus shopping deals, I figure I’d give it a try.

On the site today you’ll find my post titled “Think twice before giving a ‘practical’ gift” which will hopefully inspire others to not make the same gift-giving mistakes I have in the past. Looking back now, giving Kelly that Hangaway for her birthday definitely was a lame idea.

So if you have time, please check out the post and let me know what you think. Have you given a gift you wish you could take back? There is that saying “it’s better to give then to receive,” but I have a feeling that’s only if you’re giving a “good” gift. 🙂

Happy holidays and happy shopping!


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At just 13 months old, Ensen proved to us last night at Macy’s that he’s got fashion sense. Afterall, look at the way the kid is dressed…Quiksilver shirt/shorts and Air Jordan shoes. He definitely dresses better than his father. DAMN!

While Kelly browsed around the children’s section, “Little E” and I had some fun running around checking out the latest fashions. Even though none of the sizes in this section fit me, Ensen didn’t hesitate making some recommendations as my personal shopper.

Those red and black surf shorts he picked out for me were pretty styling…just needed to be in a size 32.

I’ll bet your personal shopper isn’t as cute as ours. Okay, that’s just a proud daddy blogging. 😉



Dear Macy’s Marketing Director:

If you are are in need of a cute baby boy to model in your next advertising campaign, look no further than our son Ensen. He’s definitely got that fresh “baby next door” appeal that your customers five years old and under can relate to. He’ll also melt the hearts of parents across Hawaii with his sweet looks which is certain to increase sales of your infant wear by at least 200%.

Ensen will work for diapers, baby food, baby mum mum, and straight cash. If you are interested in having him in your next ad campaign, please leave a comment on this post. We sincerely appreciate your consideration.


Nathan and Kelly
(Ensen’s joking parents)