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It’s been quite some time since my last blog post. I blame it on work, quality family time, and the pending arrival of our second child any day now. Exciting stuff! But this being Good Friday and a holiday for me, I thought I’d take some time to give thanks and praise to a few of my favorite things that took place this past month…

(1) University of Hawaii Baseball Games – It’s hard to beat a lazy weekend afternoon at the ballpark and Les Murakami Stadium is no exception. As University of Hawaii alumni, Kelly and I have enjoyed coming to cheer on the UH Rainbows for years, usually sipping on a couple of ice cold beers, chowing down on ballpark food, and the just kicking-back and taking in the atmosphere. And now Ensen loves it too. For $5/person, we sit in the upper deck and soak up the action. Give it a shot if you’re looking for something fun to do the next time the Rainbows are in town.

(2) Golfing – Those who knew me a few years ago know that every chance I got, I was usually on the golf course…though that has changed significantly since Ensen was born. I’ve chosen to cut back on my golf game to spend more time with family, watching Little E grow up, and doing as much family activities on the weekends as possible. It’s the way life should be. But don’t get me wrong, every now and then, I need to be on a golf course, hack it around with friends, and enjoy some friendly competition. In fact, a couple friends – John Garcia and Shawn Nakamoto – and I recently started a new “social media golf club” of sorts – It’s our humble attempt to mix social networking with one of our favorite sports. Here’s a few photos from our first get together at Hawaii Kai Golf Course’s Executive Course on March 6. Hope you’ll come out and join us for our next…stay tuned.

@TherapyGrill @johngarcia @surfchik4jesus @shawnnakamoto

@beradical @annie_lee

@gypsyraven @kaeok


(3) Kuru Kuru Sushi – The Kam family loves sushi and Kuru Kuri Sushi in Pearl Kai Shopping Center is our go-to place when we have a craving. As “conveyor belt sushi joints” go, this place is superior to all the others in my opinion. The quality of the fish and portions are always great, service is consistently awesome, and the prices are right. Plus the diversity of raw and cooked items on the menu means there something to please everyone’s palate. However, be prepared to wait for a seat as this place is extremely popular. We’ve waited for up to 45, but I will tell you it’s worth it. If you get there, let me know what you think.

(4) Chef Ed Kenney and Downtown/Town – One of the great things about working in downtown Honolulu is all of the great places to eat. One of my favorites is Downtown at the Hawaii State Art Museum (HiSAM). This is one of Chef Ed Kenney’s two great restaurants in Honolulu (the other being Town in Kaimuki on Waialae which we love too!) where his motto is “local first, organic whenever possible, and with aloha always.” And this shines on his beautiful plates of food. Fresh, simple, clean, and ono is the way I like to sum up the menu.  For a true taste of local farm-to-table cooking, this is the place. I recently had lunch there with PR colleagues Melissa Malahoff-Kamei and Robin Carr and enjoyed the Kulana Ribeye with Ho’s Farms Long Beans, Roasted Tomato, Chimichurri. Talk about one tasty steak!

(5) Blarney Burger at Murphy’s Bar and Grill – Just ask my pal and co-worker Dan Zelikman and he’ll echo the same sentiments about the Blarney Burger at Murphy’s Bar and Grill. What exactly is a Blarney Burger you ask? Well it’s a juicy  and delicious burger topped with imported white cheddar and Guinness cheese and served with a good helping of fries. It’s even more heavenly if you add bacon (as shown below). Murphy’s is a favorite lunchtime spot of ours for good food and inspiring conversation. It’s also a great place to run into the “who’s who” of downtown Honolulu.

(6) Student Tours of Anthology Marketing Group – One of the rewarding things about working at Anthology Marketing Group is being able to share our company’s story, expertise, and values with college students.  The latest group to visit us a few days ago was the young men and women of the University of Hawaii’s Business Executive Society of Tomorrow (or B.E.S.T.). One of my best buddies, Brad Araki, was one of the original founders of the club back in the day and this group has kept the momentum going. I’ve always been impressed with the leadership and activities this club organizes for its members. Mahalo to president Cody Momohara and his board for coming by to visit the agency.

So now I ask you. What’s on your list of favorite things to do? I actually should have put photography on the list, but I’ll save that for the next one. Happy Good Friday to all!


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The USS Nimitz (CVN 68) is the lead ship of America’s largest class of aircraft carriers with a crew of nearly 3,000 men and women and when deployed the air wing brings an additional 2,000 personnel. Photo Credit: Joe Brunner, RMCM, USN, Ret., via Joseph M. Radigan, MACM, USN, Ret.

The USS Nimitz (CVN 68) is the lead ship of America’s largest class of aircraft carriers with a crew of nearly 3,000 men and women and when deployed the air wing brings an additional 2,000 personnel. Photo Credit: Joe Brunner, RMCM, USN, Ret., via Joseph M. Radigan, MACM, USN, Ret.

Later today, I’ll be boarding a C-2A Greyhound with about a dozen others (including Digital Ronin Burt Lum) and flying to the nuclear-powered USS Nimitz as a “Distinguished Visitor” of the U.S. Navy’s overnight embark program. Crazy! Words can’t begin to describe how excited and honored I am to have this opportunity to meet the men and women serving our country and protecting our freedom. I’m also looking forward to meeting Navy Public Affairs Officer Jason Salata who manages the USS Nimitz Twitter account (@USS_Nimitz), which I’ve enjoyed following the past couple weeks.

“So what the heck is this all about?” is probably what you’re saying to yourself right now as you’re reading this. I asked myself the same question when I received the invitation e-mail on July 27 from Bill Doughty, chief of internal information for the Commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet. I also asked myself this honest question: “how in the world did I get selected for this endeavor?”

The Navy has immersed itself in emerging media and has been actively reaching out to bloggers and social media users to participate in these embarks. I suspect this blog and my dabbling in social media has much to do with receiving this special invitation. In fact, a high-profile group of 14 bloggers, including Guy Kawasaki, spent 24 hours at sea aboard the USS Nimitz this past June. More recently, well-known Hawaii bloggers Ryan Ozawa and L.P. “Neenz” Faleafine did a similar embark aboard the USS Ronald Regan. I also have inside knowledge that Ryan and Neenz recommended me (and Burt) to the Navy for the embark. Needless to say, I’m extremely thankful to the both of them, thrilled to be going, and looking forward to sharing my experience here when I get back.


A few important items coming with me. Twitter shirt...check! Laptop...check! FlipMino...check! Canon camera...check! Mini tripod...check! Hawaiian Host macadamia nut chocolates...check, check! iPhone...check...even though it's not in the photo. How else could I have taken this photo? 😉

But enough typing for now. I’ve still got some packing to do and more importantly, need to ensure all electronic devices traveling with me are fully charged. The carrier won’t have Internet service, so I’ll be out of touch until Monday afternoon. Check back for photos, videos, and more then.



This opportunity is also very special for me as my father, Gary Kam, was in the Navy in the early 70s as an aviation electronics technician with the Strike Fighter Squadron VF-213 (the Black Lions) and spent time on the USS Kitty Hawk. It’s a part of my his life I don’t know much about, so I’m also using this trip to learn more about his days in the service. I’m starting with a short Q&A that I did with my pops yesterday to get myself up to speed before arriving on the aircraft carrier.

Nathan: What years were you in the Navy and what did you do?
Gary: I served from 1971-1975 as an Aviation Electronics Technician with the Strike Fighter Squadron VF-213 (Black Lions). We had F-4 Phantom jets which were the top planes at that time. The Vietnam War was still going on. By 1974 the war was winding down.

N: What was it like living on an air craft carrier?
G: Sailors adapt well.  We fixed the navigation and electronics countermeasure equipment, as needed, after each flight.  There are a lot of stuff to do on the carrier. You can exercise, go to the library, go to the flight deck when no planes were launching or landing.

N: What was the most memorable moment(s) of your Navy career?
G: Serving with fellow Navy men.  Seeing the Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Kenya, and England.  You develop a strong friendship during your tour.

N: Did you serve during any major wars? Were you ever in battle?
G: The Vietnam War was going. We launched a bunch of sorties against North Vietnam. I was never in direct combat except for keeping the aviation electronics equipment up an running. The Navy pilots are a bunch of fearless and dedicated men. Give them a wing and a prayer and they will complete the mission.

N: What did you do for fun on the ship?
G: Anything to keep you busy.  Read, talk to shipmates, exercise, look at the ocean and all the fish and sea snakes, etc. you can see.

N: Any words of advice for me before I take off?
G: Enjoy the moment.  Not many, even Navy guys, are given the chance to land and take-off from an aircraft carrier.  I never did. ENJOY AND HAVE FUN YOU LUCKY GUY!!!!! Love you…..Dad!


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A popular spot for visitors on Oahu is Kualoa Ranch where the hit ABC show "LOST" is filmed.

A popular spot for visitors traveling to Hawaii is Kualoa Ranch on Oahu where the hit ABC show “LOST” is filmed.

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’re probably aware that traveling to your favorite vacation destination is now more affordable (and probably cheaper) than ever.  Airlines, hotels, activities, and attractions are bringing down rates and adding value in an effort to entice visitors to get off the sofa and travel in this  challenging economy. Those with the means (or attitude) to kick the “recession” in the behind and continue with their vacations to places like Florida, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York know what I’m talking about. And Hawaii is no exception!

Despite being a dream destination for many, Hawaii’s perception as an expensive vacation spot has likely kept some from coming. While I think terms like “expensive” and “cheap” are all relative, one thing is certain. Those who are planning a Hawaii vacation today are realizing they can have their cake and eat it too. You don’t have to sacrifice quality of the experience for price. Hawaii is offering both.

A good example of this was highlighted in an Associated Press story headlined “Hawaii hotels offer great (and bizarre) deals” examining some of the creative ways the tourism industry in the Hawaiian Islands is staying competitive and the significant deals being offered. Just search Google or Bing and up comes tons of Hawaii travel specials. And if you’re on Twitter, the hashtag #hideals (short for Hawaii Deals) brings up further examples of the great island savings available out there on a regular basis.

So with all the great Hawaii vacation deals available, is it enough to tip the scale and get people traveling? Will people pay for an incredible vacation experience or settle for a mediocre one to save $$? I decided to ask the question on Facebook and Twitter and got some interesting responses. Here’s the feedback from Facebook:

CM Capture 2

Folks on Twitter had similar comments:

CM Capture 5

CM Capture 3

Not surprisingly, folks are looking for an incredible vacation experience at a good value. Some will save their money until they can afford that trip. Others will use rewards programs to make the trip a reality now. Shorter trips are also an option. And some are going to travel regardless of what the economy is telling them.

Is it enough to tip the scales? Only time will tell. Bottom line is the tourism industry is rallying to keep travel affordable to places like Hawaii (Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui, and Hawaii Island) and other popular destinations. Get while the getting is good! Now is the time to go, so what are you waiting for?


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Ensen multi-tasking on email and TweetDeck. Oh yeah, behind those screens he’s also drafting a Word document, editing video, and streaming music on Not to mention, he’s watching Barney and Friends on PBS.

Without much effort from us, Ensen has become quite good at using a computer as he approaches 2-years-old. He loves to type, knows what the mouse is for and enjoys clicking it all over the screen, is always up for watching videos online, and always wants to look at our family photos on iPhoto. It’s incredible to me on so many levels how much he knows at such a young age.

Some might argue that he’s merely imitating his mommy and daddy. I’m not going to dispute the fact that we spend a good amount of time on the computer each day. But since we’ve not really given Ensen any “formal” technology training, I’m starting to think that kids in this day and age are born “wired” and ready to “plug and play” in the digital world. Like it’s now part of human DNA. Part of the evolution of human beings to come out of the gate inherently knowing what a computer is, how the Internet works, and so on for survival. Afterall, the kid could figure out how to unlock and entertain himself with my iPhone at 18-months-old.


Whatever you call it, it’s been a wonderful experience so far raising a child and watching them grow in a digital world. Technology has enabled us to share these memorable times with my parents who live on the Big Island and other family and friends across the world via this blog, live video streaming, and social networking sites like Flickr and Twitter. Video chat has enabled me to stay connected visually FOR FREE with Kelly and Ensen when I’m traveling on business. Good stuff.

It humors me to know our son will find things that were essential during our time, like dial-up, floppy disks, and 3G, absolutely useless when he gets older. I can only sum it up this way…

We truly live in an incredible world!

It’s true and we should take time every day to appreciate this fact. And speaking of incredible, this gut-busting clip of Louis CK on Late Night with Conan O’Brien titled “Everything is amazing…nobody is happy” is a great example of just how extraordinary the 21st century as been. It also illustrates how we as a society take technology and brilliant innovation for granted. I need to thank technology and leadership speaker Scott Klososky for showing this during his social media presentation at the Travel Weekly Forums last week.

After watching this, it really made me stop and think about how I (and my fellow consumers) behave in this technologically advanced state of life. These are remarkable times we’re living in which are only going to get more and more amazing. As fast as things move forward, it’s good to look back into the past and reflect on how far we’ve come to put things in perspective.

I’ve heard time and time again that if you want to know what the future holds or what it may look like, ask you children. While Ensen may be a little too young right now to answer, he’s given us a glance of what the face of the digital future looks like and I’ve got to say it’s pretty exciting…and handsome (that’s just proud daddy talk). 😉


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I’ve been in a list making kind of mood the last week. I noticed some new Anthology Marketing Group folks joining Twitter recently and was glad to see many of my colleagues using the service. This prompted me to do a more thorough investigation of just who from our agency – comprised of McNeil Wilson Communications, Laird Christianson Advertising, StarrTech Interactive, QMark Research, and Alt – was on there. If you’re interesting in following some folks working in Hawaii’s largest integrated marketing agency, just click this link to see all the tweeps.


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I will be keeping this list updated, so if I’ve missed anyone, please feel free to leave a comment or contact me on Twitter. I’ll be sure to add them to the list.

Updated June 29, 2012, (319 listed)
Note: Hawaii visitors bureaus on Twitter (@GoHawaii, @KauaiDiscovery, @OahuVB, @VisitLanai, @SeeMolokai@MauiVisit, @HawaiiBig Island@HawaiiHTA) highlighted in red below.

8GreatTowns (Hamilton County Convention & Visitors Bureau)
AC_CVA (Atlantic City Convention & Visitors Association)
AlabamaBeaches (Alabama Gulf Coast Convention & Visitors Bureau)
AlpharettaCVB (Alpharetta Convention & Visitors Bureau)
AmNorthCoast (Lutsen, Tofte and Schroeder, Minnesota )
Anaheim_OC (Anaheim/OC Visitors & Convention Bureau)
annarborareacvb (Ann Arbor Area Convention & Visitors Bureau)
ArizonaTourism (Arizona Office of Tourism)
artourism (Arkansas Deptartment of Parks and Tourism)
AshevilleCVB (Asheville Convention & Visitors Bureau)
ashevilletravel (Asheville Convention & Visitors Bureau)
AZTourismPR (Arizona Office of Tourism)
BaltimoreMD (Baltimore Area Convention & Visitors Association)
BarbinIL (Tuscola, IL)
BattleCreekCVB (Battle Creek/Calhoun County Convention & Visitors Bureau)
BeaumontCVB (Beaumont Convention & Visitors Bureau)
BenzieCounty (Benzie County Visitors Bureau)
boomtowndays (City of Joplin Convention & Visitors Bureau)
BuffaloNiagara (Buffalo Niagra Convention & Visitors Bureau)
butlercountypa (Butler County Tourism & Convention Bureau)
CalistogaVisit (Calistoga Visitor’s Center)
CATourism (California Travel & Tourism Commission)
CantonStarkCVB (Canton Stark County Convention & Visitors Bureau)
CarsonCity_NV (Carson City Convention & Visitors Bureau)
CedarFalls (Cedar Falls (Iowa) Tourism & Visitors Bureau )
CedarRapidsCVB (Cedar Rapids Area Convention & Visitors Bureau)
CharlestonArea (Charleston Area Convention & Visitors Bureau)
chattanoogafun (Chattanooga Convention & Visitors Bureau)
cheyennewy (Cheyenne Area Convention & Visitors Bureau)
CHGIFlorida (Charlotte Harbor Convention & Visitors Bureau)
chicagonorthsub (Chicago North Convention & Visitors Bureau)
ChicagoNShore (Chicago’s North Shore Convention & Visitors Bureau)
chicagonw (Woodfield Chicago Northwest Convention Bureau)
choosechicago (Chicago Convention & Tourism Bureau)
CityofSantaFe (Santa Fe Convention & Visitors Bureau)
clarecountycvb (Clare Counte Convention & Visitors Bureau)
ClarksvilleCVB (Clarksville Convention & Visitors Bureau)
ctccct (Canadian Tourism Commission)
ColumbiaMOCVB (Columbia Convention & Visitors Bureau)
columbiacntyga (Columbia County Convention & Visitors Bureau)
columbiasc (Columbia Metropolitan Convention & Visitors Bureau)
columbuscvb (Columbus Convention & Visitors Bureau)
CorvallisScene (Visit Corvallis & Benton County)
CSCVB (Chicago Southland Convention & Visitors Bureau)
cvbhiltonhead (Hilton Head Island Visitor & Convention Bureau)
cvbqueen (Statesville Convention & Visitors Bureau)
DavidHTA (Hawaii Tourism Authority)
Derita (Derita Visitors Information Bureau)
destinationdc (Destination DC)
DestWorcester (Destination Worcester, MA)
DiscoverDuPage (DuPage County Convention & Visitors Bureau)
discover_la (Los Angeles Tourism Bureau)
DiscoverMonroe (Monre County Tennessee Chamber of Commerce)
DownersGrove1st (Downers Grove Visitors Bureau)
dreamofitaly (Dream of Italy, Inc.)
dutchesstourism (Dutchess County Tourism)
eacvb (Elgin Area Convention & Visitors Bureau)
ecacvb (Elizabeth City Area Convention & Visitors Bureau)
enjoyknoxville (Knoxville Tourism)
ERCVB (El Reno Convention & Visitors Bureau)
ExpCols (Greater Columbus Convention & Visitors Bureau)
ExperienceWA (Washington State Tourism)
explorechicago (Chicago Office of Tourism)
FargoMoorhead (Fargo-Moorhead Convention & Visitors Bureau)
fife_washington (City of Fife)
fjordnorway (Official Tourism Board of Western Norway)
flaspacecoast (Florida’s Space Coast)
Foodtopia (Asheville Convention & Visitors Bureau)
FortSmithCVB (Fort Smith Convention & Visitors Bureau)
GalvestonIsland (Galveston Island)
GenevaIL (City of Geneva)
GeorgiaTourism (Official State of Georgia Tourism)
GettysburgNews (Gettysburg Convention & Visitors Bureau)
GoHawaii (Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau)

GoLakeHavasu (Lake Havasu City Convention & Visitors Bureau)
gorockford (Rockford Area Convention & Visitors Bureau)
GoToBakersfield (Bakersfield Convention & Visitors Bureau)
GoToLouisville (Louisville Convention & Visitors Bureau)
GoWichita (Wichita Convention & Visitors Bureau)
GrandRapidsCVB (Grand Rapids Convention & Visitors Bureau)
GrapevineGurl (Grapevine Convention & Visitors Burea)
GreaterLansing (Greater Lansing Convention & Visitors Bureau)
Greenville_SC (Greenville Convention & Visitors Bureau)
HarborCountry (Harbor Country Convention & Visitors Bureau)
HardinCountyTN (Hardin County, TN)
HawaiiBigIsland (Big Island Visitors Bureau)
HawaiiHTA (Hawaii Tourism Authority)
HeritageCVB (Heritage Corridor Convention & Visitors Bureau)
Hillsborough (The Alliance for Historial Hillsborough)
hiltonheadsc (Hilton Head Island Visitors & Convention Bureau)
HotSpringsCVB (Hot Springs Visitors & Convention Bureau)
enjoyillinois (Illinois Bureau of Tourism)
ILMICanal (Heritage Corridor Convention & Visitors Bureau)
ILoveSGFMo (Springfield Convention & Visitors Bureau)
imtourism (Tourism Association of Dickinson County Area)
indianadunes (Porter County Convention & Visitors Bureau)
insidealaska (Fairbanks Convention & Visitors Bureau)
insidesonoma (Sonoma County Tourism Bureau)
(Janesville Area Convetion & Visitors Bureau)
(Bourbon Country, Kentucky)
KauaiDiscovery (Kauai Visitors Bureau)
(Kentucky Department of Travel)
koreatourism (Korea Tourism Organization)
KSinTucson (Metropolitan Tucson Convention & Visitors Bureau)
LakeDistrictPR (Cumbria Tourism)
Lammertal (Destination Lammertal)
Lauderdale411 (Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau)
LauderdaleChic (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
lehighvalleypa (Lehigh Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau)
Lenawee_Fun (Lenawee County Convention & Visitors Bureau)
LESIWC (Ohio’s Lake Erie Shores & Islands)
Lislecvb (Lisle Convention & Visitors Bureau)
louisianatravel (Louisiana Office of Tourism)
Ludington_Area (Ludington Area Convention & Visitors Bureau)
Madeira (Madeira Islands)
mainetourism (Maine Tourism Association)
MarshallMN (Maryland Office of Tourism)
MarylandTrip (Maryland Office of Tourism)
MauiVisit (Maui Visitors and Convention Bureau)
McPhersonCVB (McPherson Convention & Visitors Bureau)
MecostaCounty (Mecosta County Convention & Visitors Bureau)
MeetInSaltLake (Salt Lake Convention & Visitors Bureau)
MeetMinneapolis (Meet Minneapolis Convention & Visitors Association)
MemphisCVB (Memphis Convention & Visitors Bureau)
MerriamCVB (Merriam Convention & Visitors Bureau)
MiamiandBeaches (Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau)
MinNEcations (Explore Minnesota)
MitchellCVB (Corn Palace Convention & Visitors Bureau)
ModestoCVB (Modesto Convention & Visitors Bureau)
(Missouri Division of Tourism)
MoTravelMama (Missouri Division of Tourism)
MuskegonCVB (Muskegon County Convention & Visitors Bureau)
MyMyrtleBeach (Myrtle Beach Area Conventions & Visitors Bureau)
(Tourism Vancouver)
NebraskaTourism (Nebraska Division of Travel & Tourism)
NewOrleansCVB (New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau)
NewportBeach (Newport Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau)
NewportRICVB (Newport County Convention & Visitor’s Bureau)
Norris_Lake (Norris Lake Marina Association)
nycgo (NYC & Company)
OahuVB (Oahu Visitors Bureau)
(Oakland Convention & Visitors Bureau)
(San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau)
oshkoshcvb (Oshkosh Convention & Visitors Bureau)
(Ottawa Tourism)
Ottawa_Tourism (Ottawa Tourism)
PadreDude (South Padre Island Convention & Visitors Bureau)
(Paducah Convention & Visitors Bureau)
PalmSpringsCA (Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism)
ParadiseCoast (Everglades Convention & Visitors Bureau)
(Pennsylvania Tourism Office)
(Panama City Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau)
PhiladelphiaCVB (Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau)
(Tourisme Montreal)
(Pittsboro-Siler City Convention & Visitors Bureau)
PlanoCVB (Plano Convention & Visitors Bureau)
(Plumas County Visitors Bureau)
PositivelyCleve (Convention & Visitors Bureau of Greater Cleveland)
(The Greater Louisville Community Branding Project)
ProvidenceRI (The Providence Warwick Convention & Visitors Bureau)
(Pulaski County Visitor Center)
PureNewZealand (New Zealand Tourism Board)
(Tourism Queensland)
(Randolph County Convention & Visitors Bureau)
readingberkspa (The Greater Reading Convention & Visitors Bureau)
renotahoe (The Reno-Sparks Convention & Visitors Authority)
(Fort Wayne/Allen County Convention & Visitors Bureau)
(Roswell Convention & Visitors Bureau)
SantaClaraCA (Santa Clara Convention & Visitors Bureau)
(City of Santa Clarita)
santarosacvb (Santa Rosa Convention & Visitors Bureau)
(Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau)
scottsdaleaz (Scottsdale Convention & Visitors Bureau)
SedonaAZ (Sedona Chamber of Commerce)
See_Albuquerque (Albuquerque Convention & Visitors Bureau)
SeeMolokai (Molokai Visitors Association)
(Monterey County Convention & Visitors Bureau)
SeeRockCity (Rock City, GA)
SevierFun (Sevierville Convention & Visitors Bureau)
ShastaCascade (Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association)
southhaven_CVB (South Haven Convention & Visitors Bureau)
southeasttouris (Southeast Tourism Society)
(Southern Oregon Visitors Association)
(Tourist Board for South West of England)
(Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau)
SportsCapital (Round Rock Convention and Visitors Bureau)
SpringfieldCVB (Springfield Convention & Visitors Bureau)
(Staunton Convention & Visitors Bureau)
stjomo (St. Joseph Visitors Bureau)
Stockton_CVB (Stockton Conference & Visitors Bureau)
(Sun Valley/Ketchum Chamber & Visitors Bureau)
(Swiss Tourism)
(Tourism New South Wales)
(Syracuse Convention & Visitors Bureau)
TahoeNorth (North Lake Tahoe)
(Johnstown Chamber & Visitors Bureau)
(Tennessee Department of Tourist Development)
tourhendersonky (The Henderson County Tourist Commission )
tourfrederickmd (Tourism Council of Frederick County)
TourismBCmedia (Tourism British Columbia)
(Tourism Newquay)
(Travel Alberta)
TravelLaneCo (Eugene, Lane County, & Oregon Coast Visitor Information)
(Oregon’s Adventure Coast)
TravelinSGFMO (Springfield Convention & Visitors Bureau)
TravelKS (Kansas Travel & Tourism Division)
travelnevada (Nevada Commission on Tourism)
(Travel Oregon)
(Travel Portland)
(Redding Convention & Visitors Bureau)
TravelSalem (Salem Convention & Visitors Association)
(Wonders of Wisconsin)
TuscarawasCoCVB (Tuscarawas City Convention & Visitors Bureau)
(Iowa Tourism Office)
(Michigan’s Upper Peninsula)
UtahStateParks (Utah State Parks)
uwishunu (Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation)
VaBeachCVB (Virginia Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau)
(Vermont Department of Tourism & Marketing)
victoriavisitor (Tourism Victoria)
VisitAberdeenSD (Aberdeen Convention & Visitors Bureau)
VisitAlton (Alton Regional Convention & Visitors Bureau)
VisitAnnapolis (Annapolis & Anne Arundel County Conference & Visitors Bureau)
(Austin Convention & Visitors Bureau)
visitbaker (Baker County Chamber of Commerce)
VisitBatesville (Batesville, Arkansas Area Chamber of Commerce)
visitbatonrouge (Baton Rouge Convention & Visitors Bureau)
visitbemidji (Bemidji Visitors & Convention Bureau)
(Bowling Green Convention & Visitors Bureau)
VisitBritain (official website for travel and tourism in the UK)
(Bloomington/Monroe County Convention & Visitors Bureau)
visitbville (Bartlesville Convention & Visitors Bureau)
visitcapefearnc (Wilmington/Cape Fear Coast Convention & Visitors Bureau)
VisitChicago (Chicagoland Regional Tourism Office)
(Colorado Springs Convention & Visitors Bureau)
VisitDetroit (Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau)
visiteldoradoks (El Dorado Convention & Visitors Bureau)
VisitFairfax (Fairfax County Virginia Tourism)
(Finger Lakes Visitors Connection)
VisitFlagler (Flagler County Chamber of Commerce)
VisitFlagstaff (Flagstaff Convention & Visitors Bureau)
(Florida Tourism Industry Marketing Corporation)
(Grayling Visitors Bureau)
visitholland (The Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions)
VisitHoustonTX (Greater Houston Convention & Visitors Bureau)
visitidaho (Idaho Division of Tourism Development)
VisitIndiana (Indiana Office of Tourism Development)
VisitJacksonMI (Jackson County Convention & Visitors Bureau)
Visit_Jax (Jacksonville & the Beaches Convention & Visitors Bureau)
VisitJordan (Jordan Tourism Board)
VisitKC (Kansas City Convention & Visitors Association)
VisitKissimmee (Kissimmee Convention & Visitors Bureau)
VisitLanai (Lanai Visitors Bureau)
visitlaguna (Laguna Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau)
VisitLauderdale (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
(Lodi Conference & Visitors Bureau)
(Long Beach Area Convention & Visitors Bureau)
(Longview Convention & Visitors Bureau)
Visit_Madison (Greater Madison Convention & Visitors Bureau)
VisitMaine (Maine Office of Tourism)
VisitMesa (Mesa Arizona Convention & Visitors Bureau)
VisitMilwaukee (Greater Milwaukee Convention & Visitors Bureau)
VisitMissouri (Missouri Division of Tourism)
(Nashville Convention & Visitors Bureau)
(Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism)
VisitNatchez (Natchez Convention & Visitors Bureau)
visitnewhaven (Greater New Haven Convention & Visitors Bureau)
VisitNewOrleans (New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation)
(New Hampshire Travel &  Tourism)
VisitNorthernIL (Northern Illinois Tourism Development Office)
VisitOakPark (Oak Park Area Convention & Visitors Bureau)
VisitOmaha (Omaha Convention & Visitors Bureau)
(Orlando Convention & Visitors Bureau)
visitPA (Official Tourism Website of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania)
(Oceanside Tourism Association)
VisitPensacola (Pensacola Bay Area Convention & Visitors Bureau)
VisitPeoria (Peoria Area Convention & Visitors Bureau)
(Peru Tourism Board)
visitphilly (Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation)
visitphoenix (Greater Phoenix Convention and Visitors Bureau)
VisitPontiacIL (City of Pontiac)
VisitRichmond (Richmond Metropolitan Convention & Visitors Bureau)
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Despite my love for music, I rarely go to concerts. I’m still kicking myself inside for passing up the chance to see Metallica (my favorite metal band of all time) perform in Honolulu YEARS ago! But when my pal Regan invited me to go and see Journey in concert at the Neal Blaisdell Arena on Wednesday, I couldn’t pass it up. I’m a little tardy with this post, as evidenced by the fact that my friends Jason Genegabus (also here and here) and Shawn Nakamoto who where there too that night, got their blogs updated almost immediately. But better late than never, right?

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a die hard Journey fan. I even joked with Kelly that I wouldn’t know more than two or three songs. Well I’m glad I was wrong. I actually knew a lot more than I thought…I just never knew who sang the songs growing up. I know, shame! But as the night went on and we rocked our hearts out from Section 3, Row J, I realized a few other things that really made the night and experience exceptional:

  • I knew more Journey songs than I gave myself credit for. Hello! “Faithfully,” “Who’s Crying Now,” “Open Arms,” “Don’t Stop Believing,” “Wheel in the Sky,” and “Lights“…DUH! All familiar to me and to everyone else in the arena. These are old classics that I’ll never get tired of hearing on the radio or on my iPod.
  • There’s nothing like listening to a band live. Just like sports, seeing a band perform live and in person is kind of surreal. Journey was incredible all night long playing for over two hours straight (including giving two “hana hou” or encores). They were tight and didn’t miss a beat. Not only was seeing them perform a rush, but to feed off the energy from those sitting all around you only enhances the experience. While $65 or $125 may seem like a lot to spend on a concert, it’s really the TOTAL experience you’re paying for which you’ll never be able to replicate watching a performance on TV.
  • Arnel Pineda can sing. My friend Shawn said on her blog that “nobody can replace Steve Perry in her book.” It’s true, but like she admits Arnel sure came close. The story about how Journey discovered him on YouTube is a great one and a real sign of our times. Arnel can sing with the best of them and his stage pressence shouldn’t be overlooked either. He was a fireball of energy all night long, running from one side of the stage to the other, engaging the crowd with hand slaps and acknowledgements to the crowd, and jumping up and down. I was exhasted just watching him do this thing. He’s a great entertainer and look for the band.
  • Sharing the experience with others on Twitter. There was no shortage of Twitter folks in the crowd the night I was there including myself. It was really fun to periodically check in to see the concert updates being posted to see how others were feeling about their experiences there. Folks like @hawaii, @sonecessary, @crystalakana, and @hulamom were all contributing to the commentary throughout the night (which you can see here). Twitter enabled friends to connect with eachother sitting in different sections and share the experience together…and with those at home who weren’t there. Pretty cool!

So all in all, I’ve been bitten by the concert bug! Did you get to see the show? What did you think? I can’t wait for the next concert to roll into town. And BTW, if you can help get Metallica to Hawaii soon, I’ll pay for your ticket to see the show! 😉


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