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Kelly, Ensen, and Kailua Grandpa pose before we head out to get some candy.

So does the headline of this blog post live up to the hype we have cast upon our son as the cutest little UPS delivery guy in Honolulu (possibly Hawaii)? Kelly and I think so. 🙂 So the next time you’re asked “what can brown do for you?”, just remember it might be this little guy making the delivery.

Kam family had a great Halloween last night in Kailua with family and friends. Thought it was a little damp, Kailua Grandpa lives in one spirited neighborhood where everyone (and I mean everyone) gets in to the Halloween spirt with haunted houses, decorated yards and driveways, and so much more.

"Mom look at that! What is that? That looks pretty cool! Can I have one?"

It was also the first time trick or treating for Ensen which was extra special. He walked door-to-door asking for candy, pointing at a lot of weird stuff he’s never seen before like zombies, and overall had a great time getting a lot of attention for his UPS costume (which Kelly made by sewing a logo on to a brown shirt and borrowing the visor from a friend). Here’s a few more photos to recap the night.

Mommy and Ensen. Look at that kid's face! So sweet!

From left: Uncle Kevin and a UPS delivery guy after a long shift. Don’t worry, that bottle was empty and just a prop! We also ran into an Aloha Maid can of juice. This costume was homemade and really cool.

Our friends Amy and Jon dropped by with their son Kyle.

From left: Mommy helping Ensen make his deliveries around the neighborhood. Kim and Glen look pretty damn scary.

Say cheese!

Cruising the neighborhood and checking out all the Halloween decorations.