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Okay, so get this.  After participating in the Visitor Industry Charity Walk early on Saturday morning, the Kam family had a little Wii party at the condo later in the evening. We had the Valdez (Tino, Katrina, and Oren) and Yuen (Kyle and Julie) families over for dinner and a little Wii and PlayStation fun. We’ve known these folks since college so it’s always great to get together to shoot the breeze.

We had a great dinner and Ensen and Oren really enjoyed playing with one another. But the main event of the night was the grown-ups playing a variety of video games…Wii Sports, Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games…and no gaming night would be complete without a little PlayStation2 Guitar Hero action! Here’s a photo montage of an awesome night of friends and fun!

From left: Oren, Katrina, and Jabbey having dinner. Uncle Kyle and Ensen snacking on Cheerios. The video games begin with some Wii bowling. That’s Tino in the green shirt.

From left: Kelly and Ensen watching everyone bowl. Tino cheers after a strike, while Kyle get’s really to roll one himself. Aunty Julie, Ensen, and Oren take break from the action.

A little bottle break for Ensen, while Oren plays on in the background.

Towards the end of the night, Ensen and Oren got a bit affectionate. That’s my boy!

Aunty Julie always enjoys spending time with Ensen. From the looks of these pictures, the feeling is mutual.